The Perfect Warm-Up: Foam Rolling

What’s the best way to get warmed up before you ride? I used to think it was running to the dock and throwing my lifejacket over my head. I’ve learned, however, that method was far from optimal. When I began working at Orlando Sports Chiropractic, I learned about a technique called foam rolling. It takes less than 5 minutes to do, feels like a deep tissue massage, and comes with a vast array of health benefits!

Foam rolling’s benefits include increasing muscle flexibility, increasing blood flow to the muscles, decreasing joint soreness and stiffness, and balancing muscle length to promote muscle symmetry. Foam rolling also breaks up scar tissue, or adhesions, in the muscle fibers which can help to increase function and decrease the likelihood of injury. The positions used in foam rolling also help to strengthen the core and increase proprioception, our body’s awareness of itself in space.

For a mere 20 dollars at a sporting goods store and about 5 minutes, sounds like a pretty efficient warm up (and cool down!) to me!


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